Board of Geospatial Information (BIG) is an advisory body of ASIG-Regulation and the Council of Ministers for the development of national information infrastructure geospatial.
Establishment of the Board of Geospatial Information stipulated in the Law no. 72/2012 "On the Organization and Functioning of the National Information Infrastructure geospatial the Republic of Albania" and works by order of the Prime Minister.

The Board is chaired by the State Minister for Innovation and Public Administration and its composition has the following members:

a) The General Director of ASIG;

b) Director of the National Agency for Information Society;

c) Director of the National Planning Territory Agency;

d) Director of the Agency for Property Restitution and Compensation;

e) Chief of Real Estate of the Republic of Albania;

f) Director of the Geographical Institute of Tirana;

g) Director of the Institute of Statistics;

h) Director of the General Directorate of Civil Status;

i) The General Director of the Agency of Legalisation, Urbanisation and Integration of Informal Areas / Constructions;

j) A representative of the Ministry of Finance;

k) A representative of the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Water Administration;

l) A representative of the Ministry of Environment;

m) A representative of the Ministry of Energy and Industry;

n) Head of the Department of Geodesy of the Faculty of Civil Engineering;

o) A representative of the Association of Municipalities;

p) The President of the Association of Engineers surveyors licensed;

q) Two representatives of private business in the field of geo-information;

- Board of Geospatial Information, depending on the theme that examines its meetings invites experts from various fields.

Field of activity of the Board of Geospatial Information (BIG) is consulting and formulating opinions and proposals concerning:

a) Development of national policy for geospatial data infrastructure;

b) Improve and complete the legislation on national infrastructure geospatial data;

c) The development and improvement of technology in the field of geospatial information;

d) Determining the other topics under the provisions of this law;

e) Decisions ASIG Regulation for the collection, processing and/or updating of geospatial data by public authorities under the relevant topics;

f) Determining the state standards and uniform rules for the creation of geospatial information systems for each topic;

g) Rules made by ASIG-being for creating, updating, sharing, access and use of geospatial data sets geospatial data services and metadata;

h) Rules made by ASIG-being to achieve interoperability;

i) Defining the conditions relating to the creation of a national GIS;

j) Determining the rules for access and sharing of geospatial information by public and private entities;

k) Initiatives of public institutions in the field of geospatial information;

l) The definition of technical regulations and the Gjeoportal administration's;

m) Any other matter relating to geospatial data infrastructure.

- Geospatial Information Board conducts its activities in accordance with the internal regulation "On the organization and functioning of the Board of Geospatial Information".