1-Directorate of Geodesy and Cartography performs the following main tasks:

a) Directs, organizes and coordinates the activity of the subordinate sectors and is responsible for their proper functioning;

b) Directs and organizes the work for the design and implementation of projects of the Albanian Geodetic Reference Framework (KRGJSH), according to the provisions of laws and bylaws of the functioning of ASIG;

c) Initiates and cooperates for the preparation of bylaws, guides and work manuals, related to the activity of the subordinate sectors of the directorate;

d) Approves or rejects cartographic products, in accordance with the provisions of law no. 72/2012 "For the organization and operation of the National Infrastructure of Geospatial Information in the Republic of Albania" and geoinformation standards;

e) Initiates and organizes working groups for draft projects related to the activity of the sectors it covers in order to implement the legal obligations and the European Directive (INSPIRE) on geoinformation;

f) Continuously monitors the relations with foreign partners, coordinates the work with donors and implements the orders / orders of the General Director on the priorities of international cooperation, according to the specifics of the subordinate sectors


2-Sectors within the Directorate of Geodesy and Cartography:

a) Geodetic Reference Framework Sector;

b) Cartography Sector;;

c) CORS Systems Infrastructure Sector;

d) Remote Sensing Sector.