1. Prepares and maintains GNSS infrastructure in order to offer users the initial data required when using GPS global positioning methods, in real-time Real Time (RT) or after the measurement process POST PROCESSING (PP).

2. Complies correctly government decisions and guidelines / technical manuals for operation of the system ALBPOS about data storage, accuracy and methodology of calculating the points system.

3. Monitors, identifies and assists to all ALBPOS system users through basic data access and special accessing applications from the Internet depending on the technology applied in systems receiver / transmitter.

4. Maintains and updates all the technology applied in the central and base stations of the ALBPOS system.

5. Responsible for the implementation and ongoing maintenance in EPN points (European Permanent Network) according to international standards and international bodies responsible (EUREF).

6. Proposes and coordinates with KRGJSH sector for investment policies and perspective ALBPOS system.

The mission of GIS National Department and the Geoportal is the creation, management and maintenance of the National GIS and National Geoportal. It is responsible for creating laws and standards with regard to the creation of the National Geo Infrastructure, taking as a basis the implementation of the INSPIRE Directive of the European Union.

a.   GIS Department and the National Geoportal: Directs, organizes and coordinates the activities of the sectors that are under and is responsible for proper functioning.

b.   Sets uniform standards and rules for the creation of GIS, for each subject, and the creation of the National GIS in accordance with the relevant European standards and drafts rules relating to the creation, updating, sharing, accessing and use of geospatial information and services related to network.

c.    Administer through the Geoportal, geospatial information collected, processed and updated by public authorities under the relevant topics.

d.    Creates and manages the National Geoportal and guarantees public access and stakeholders in accordance with the provisions of this law.

e.    Prepares drafts of laws and by laws of the institution under cross-cutting issues.

f.   Initiates and organizes working groups to draft projects related to activity sectors it covers in order to implement the legal obligations and the European Directive (INSPIRE) for Geo.