1- The Directorate of National GIS and Geoportal performs the following main tasks:

a) Directs, organizes and coordinates the activity of the subordinate sectors and is responsible for their proper functioning; 

b) Drafts and implements the state standards and uniform rules for the creation of GIS, for each topic, and for the creation of the National GIS, in accordance with the relevant European standards and drafts the rules related to the creation, updating, exchange, access and use of geospatial information and related network services; 

c) Creates and administers the National Geoportal and guarantees the access of the public and interested subjects in accordance with the provisions of this law; 

d) Administers, through the National Geoportal, the geospatial information collected, processed and updated by public authorities according to the relevant topics;

e) Prepares drafts of legal and sub-legal acts of the institution according to cross-sectoral issues;

f) Initiates and organizes working groups for draft projects related to the activity of the sectors it covers in order to implement legal obligations and the European Directive (INSPIRE) on geoinformation.


2- Sectors within the Directorate of National GIS and Geoportal:

a) National GIS Sector;

b) National Geoportal Sector;

c) Coordination Sector;

d) Geoinformation Standards Sector.