1- The Directorate of Finance and Support Services performs the following main tasks:

a) Directs the financial administrative activity, administration and use of funds available to the institution, as well as for all other financial transactions related to the internal needs of the institution;

b) Coordinates the work for the drafting and implementation of the Medium Term Budget Program and periodically monitors the implementation of the budget;

c) Performs the budgeting and the number of employees in the staff, approved by the annual law on the implementation of the state budget;

d) Manages human resources and coordinates the work with the directorates for the preparation of staff and its observance in implementation of the approved structure and follows the implementation of procedures for filling vacancies in cooperation with the Department of Public Administration;

Continuously monitors the problems of human resource development, coordinating the drafting of job descriptions and conducting the assessment for each ASIG employee, according to the provisions of Law 152/2013 "On civil servant" as amended and bylaws in its implementation ;

f) Monitors and controls the correct implementation of the rules of ethics by ASIG employees and reports to superiors responsible for violations of discipline and code of ethics of employees in violation of the laws and internal regulations of ASIG


Sectors within the Directorate of Finance and Support Services:

a) Finance Sector; 

b) Human Resources and Support Services Sector.