State Authority for Geospatial Information (ASIG), executes its activity based on law no. 72/2012, dated 28.06.2012, "For the organization and operation of the National Infrastructure of Geospatial Information in the Republic of Albania".

Mission of ASIG

Establishment and use of the National Geospatial Information Infrastructure in Albania, based on the European standards of Directive 2007/2 / EC "INSPIRE" of the European Parliament and the Council

Responsibilities of ASIG

1.Implements the national policy for the national geospatial information infrastructure;

2.Is responsible for the design, construction, maintenance and updating of the Geodetic Reference Framework;

3.Takes decisions for the collection, processing and updating of geospatial information by public authorities, according to relevant topics;

4.Defines the state standards and uniform rules for the creation of GIS, for each topic, and for the creation of the National GIS, in accordance with the relevant European standards and drafts the rules related to the creation, updating, exchange, access and use of geospatial information and related services;

5.Ensures the interoperability of geospatial information groups and services, as well as drafts detailed rules for achieving interoperability;

6. Administers geospatial information collected, processed and updated by public authorities, according to relevant topics;

7.Ensures the coordination of work during activities and taking initiatives related to geospatial information in the public and private sector;

8. Creates and administers the National Geoportal and guarantees the access of the public and interested subjects, in accordance with the provisions of this law;

9. Supervises the implementation of the regulatory framework established by this law, the bylaws issued in implementation of this law and, in accordance with the development policies set by the Council of Ministers, submit to the relevant authorities proposals for legislative interventions related to them;

10.Takes care of the education and capacity building of the actors involved in the processes related to the national geospatial information infrastructure, as well as for the dissemination of related information to stakeholders and the public;

11.Represents the state in European and international organizations, membership in which serves the functioning and modernization of the national infrastructure of geospatial information;

12.Represents the state for any other issue related to geospatial information infrastructure.

ASIG Objectives

1.Construction of the Albanian Geodetic Reference Framework according to European standards to enable the performance of accurate geodetic and cartographic works, with modern tools and methods.

2. Development, operation and updating of GIS and the National Geoportal that provides information, data and geospatial services, in full compliance with the standards of Directive 2007/2 / EC "INSPIRE".

3. Coordination and cooperation with the responsible public authorities, for the collection, processing and updating of geospatial information, for the drafting and implementation of standards in the field of geoinformation and the establishment of NSDI.