About Us State Authority for Geospatial Information (ASIG) was established in 2013, according to law 72/2012 "On the organization and functioning of the national infrastructure of geospatial information in the Republic of Albania".

ASIG responsibilities

  1. Implementation of national policy for geospatial information infrastructure.
  2. Responsible for the design, construction, maintenance and updating of Geodetic Framework "KRGJSH2010".
  3. Making decisions on the collection, processing and updating geospatial information from public authorities, according to relevant topics.
  4. Standards and rules for the creation of the National GIS in accordance with the relevant European standards.
  5. Prepare rules for creating, updating, sharing, access and use of geospatial information and related services.
  6. Administer geospatial information collected, processed and updated by public authorities under the relevant topics.
  7. Ensures coordination through the initiatives and activities related to geospatial information in the public and private sectors.
  8. Develops and administers the National Geoportal and guarantees public access and stakeholders in accordance with the provisions of Law 72/2012.
  9. Represents the state in European and international organizations, membership in which it serves the functioning and modernization of the national geospatial information infrastructure.

ASIG objectives

  1. Creation of geodetic framework to European standards to enable the support of a unique map of the entire territory of the Republic of Albania
  2. Establishment of national infrastructure geospatial data in the Republic of Albania, through Geoportal where everyone can access to geospatial data that possesses Albanian state.
  3. Designing and development in the field of geo­information standards and their implementation in institutions, whether manufacturer or the geo Update.

The National Geoportal is a "door" that allows professional users, and interested public, to view and access in a very simple way geospatial data and Web services available by various Government institutions.

This Geoportal is a very important step in the framework of the Open Governance (OGP), which basically has the policy of open data to citizens, providing services away from bureaucracy and assuring quality.. This Geoportal is also a necessary step in the establishment of geospatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI), a priority under­Goverment that brings Albania closer to the European Digital Agenda.

National Geoportal is in the initial phase of it’s structuring, performing a harmonization of geospatial data in order for them to be as complete, accurate and up to date. For the users concerned about these geospatial information (citizens, scholars, etc..), we suggest that the datas obtained from the Geoportal, get firstly verified and confirmed in the relevant institutions, in order to have a final information as accurate and safe.

which is providing an important contribution for the State Authority for Geospatial Information, to take its initial guidelines based on best European experiences.