“State Authority for Geospatial Information- ASIG referring law 72/2012, creates and manages the National Geoportal and guarantees public access for the interested stakeholders in accordance with the provisions of this law.”

Within this legal detryrimi, ASIG has published the National Geoportal which is a very important step in creating geospatial data infrastructure and will enable the public and users of these data,

to discover, watch and use in very simple way geospatial data .

This Gjeoportal is a very important step in the framework of the Open Government (OGP), which essentially has the policy of data open to the public, offering services away bureaucracy and close quality. National Geoportal will serve for interagency cooperation within the efficiency in the civil service. It is also a necessary step in establishing Geospatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI), a priority in the implementation of the EU directive on geospatial data (INSPIRE) and moving towards the European Digital Agenda.

National Geoportal is in the initial phase of its restructuring, performing a harmonization of geospatial data, in order that this data be as complete, accurate and up to date. Users concerned about these geospatial information (citizens, researchers, etc.) it is suggested that the data obtained from Geoportal,be verified and confirmed again in the respective institutions to have official information as updated.


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