Mrs. Milena Harito, Minister of State for Public Administration and Innovation, visited ALUIZNI's offices in Lezha,  where she noted that the use of Unique Digital Mapping 

has increased the number of legalization's permits.

Thanks to the use of this map and the government investment, from 1300 legalization in 7 years that were made before 2013, now have managed to become 4000 legalization in 2 years.

She highlighted the importance of digitalization of data and their opening state to the public in function of economic and social development of the country, the importance of using one unique digital mapping in solving accumulated problems from the past and giving fast and qualitative services to the citizens.

Mr. Lorence CALA, CEO of Geospatial Information Authority of the State noted the role of updated geospatial information based on European standards, to help the government in make the right decision when serving the public.  And the role of geoinformation in solving accumulated problems that the Albanian State face in the field of property.