Based on article 7, of law no. 119/2014 "On the right to information" (hereinafter "LDI"), and in the Order of the Commissioner for the Right to Information and Personal Data Protection, no. 187, dated 18.12.2020, "On the approval of the Program Revised Transparency the Public Authority, State Authority for Geospatial Information, (hereinafter “ASIG”) publishes the Transparency Program (hereinafter “TP”) approved by the General Director of the Institution.

ASIG publishes information according to its functional activity and will review and update the TP in any case of change of institutional activity, legal regulatory framework or any other element related to proactive transparency.

The ASIG TP specifies the categories of mandatory information to be made public. Public information without request must be: complete, accurate, up-to-date, easy to consult, understandable, easily accessible and compatible with the original documents in the possession of ASIG. Also, before publishing the information ASIG assesses whether there are any legal restrictions on publication.

Acts that contain rules, norms or restrictions of the fundamental rights and freedoms of the individual, as well as with direct effect on them, are made public by posting or posting on the official website, within 48 hours of approval of the act by the holder of ASIG.

The TP specifies the categories of mandatory information to be made public, the manner of publication, as well as the legal provisions from which the obligation to publish arises. In publishing information, ASIG takes into account the public interest, to enable easy access to public information.