The fight against corruption is one of the five key priorities and recommendations of the European Union for opening the accession negotiations of our country to the European Union. In the framework of the measures that the Albanian government has undertaken to combat corruption effectively, the State Authority for Geospatial Information has drafted the Anti-Corruption Action Plan 2018-2020. This plan reflects the objectives and the measures that ASIG intends to implement in the framework of policies to strengthen the fight against corruption.

Anti-corruption action plan for 2018-2020.


Albanian Geodetic Frame which is in use in the Republic of Albania, is approved by the Decision of Council of Ministers no. 669, dated on 08/07/2013 and it is called:

“Korniza Rreferuese Gjeodezike Shqiptare 2010” (KRGJSH-2010), "2010", is the index related with the "epoch" used to define geodetic coordinates for all the geodetic points in the Republic of Albania.

KRGJSH-2010, shall be determined on the basis of the European Geodetic Reference System. KRGJSH- 2010, shall be used for all the applications associated with the use of geodetic coordinates in the country. Relationship between KRGJSH-2010 and the classic coordinate reference systems which are used in our country, until the entry into force of the KRGJSH-2010, will be made by using the transformation parameters calculated for each case.

KRGJSH-2010 includes: I. Fundamental geodetic parameters determined in Geodetic Reference System (GRS-80):

1) Equatorial radius; a = 6 378 137m

2) Geocentric gravitational constant, including mass of the atmosphere; GM = 3 986 005 x 10-8 m3s-2

3) Dynamical form factor; J2 = 108 263 x 10-8

4) Reciprocal of flattening; 1/f = 298.257 222 101

5) Angular velocity of rotation; ? = 7 292115.0 x 10-11rad.sek-1